Open Seminar 2023/08/23

オープンセミナー 「音響環境に適応するヒトの聴覚」 

日時: 2023年8月23日(水) 14:00 – 15:20
会場: 静岡社会健康医学大学院大学会議室からのGoogle Meet配信
主催: 静岡社会健康医学大学院大学 聴覚・言語領域




ワークショップの一部をなす招待講演は聴覚、認知神経科学の研究コミュニティ全体にとっても有益であるため、オープンセミナーとしてオンライン(Google Meet)配信する。

Extending human auditory ecology to the perception of natural soundscapes by humans in rapidly-changing environments

Prof. Christian Lorenzi

Laboratoire des Systèmes Perceptifs, UMR CNRS 8248, Département d’Etudes Cognitives, Ecole normale supérieure, Université Paris Sciences et Lettres (PSL), Paris, 75005, France


A century of research in hearing sciences has provided extensive knowledge about how the human auditory system processes speech and assists communication. In contrast, little is known about how this system processes and uses natural soundscapes, that is the complex arrangements of biological and geophysical sounds shaped by sound propagation through non-anthropogenic habitats. This is surprising given that, for other species equipped with auditory receptors, the capacity to process and use natural soundscapes determines survival and reproduction through the ability to image and monitor the immediate environment. We will present a comprehensive framework combining data, methods and concepts from soundscape ecology, psychoacoustics, computational modelling and audiology which should extend basic and applied research programmes in the field of "human auditory ecology". This framework should yield a better understanding of how humans monitor natural, rural and city green and blue space environments via the auditory modality and benefit from them. This framework will be illustrated by four research projects on the auditory perception of natural soundscapes, biophony (biological sound sources) and biodiversity by normal and/or hearing-impaired listeners.


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Thoret, E., Varnet, L., Boubenec, Y., Ferriere, R., Le Tourneau, F.-M., Krause, B. & Lorenzi, C. (2020). Characterizing amplitude and frequency modulation cues in natural soundscapes: A pilot study in four habitats of a biosphere reserve. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America,147, 3260-3274.